Monthly Archives: January 2009

Achievement Unlocked: Senior Citizenship

I was visiting some family for Chinese new year’s, and some of the younger kids were watching (the execrably bad) Spy Kids 3-D in the den as I wandered in at some key point in the quote-story-unquote. The movie’s theme, which I reiterate was bad, was about how they’re “in a video game” and presumably […]

Former House Owners, Redux

Every time I have to open up a wall in this house, I know I’m going to find something horrifying. Every single time. This week, I moved some power outlets; it should have been a trivial job – pop the breaker, cut the drywall, move the box up half a foot so that it would […]

A Technical Note About Ghost And Sysprep

Another technical note, of no particular interest to people who come here coveting the funny. It’s about software deployment, which isn’t even funny when it goes wrong, so there is no funny today. There will be more of the funny later, I promise. I hope, at least. A friend of mine asked me some questions […]

A Failed Idea

I thought that, since I was hungry as I sometimes am, I would supplement my meal today with some street meat from the hot-dog vendor outside. Which worked fine, until I got to the condiments, which were frozen. Not quite solid, they’d been stirred into a kind of slush, and (like a fool) I assumed […]

The End… ?

Anyone remember the end of The Blob, from 1958? At the end of it, the words “The End” morph, blob-like, into a question mark; it was one of the earliest applications of this now-painfully-clichéd cliffhanger treatment and, sure enough, there was a sequel. So: this is classic, straight out of the old Cold-War-realpolitik backroom-machination playbook. […]

It’s Come To This

Today in “the government they deserve” news, the blurb on this NY Times article reads: Barack Obama‚Äôs love of language and reading has helped him to communicate and shaped his sense of the world. The fact that the President of the United States reads books and can communicate well is news. And don’t get me […]

The Rabbit Hole Meme

Ok, internets, I did your silly 7 Things, and now you owe me. And this is a meme I can get behind: Let’s face it. You’re in a blog rut. Most of the time, you write about more of the same kinda stuff that you usually write about. Maybe it’s your day-to-day life, the stuff […]

The Seven Things Meme

Tagged twice, ugh. Thankfully, I only need to reply once. Robcee, I don’t hate you, and Shaver: indeed. So, apparently the rules of this game are: Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post. Share seven facts about yourself in the post. Tag seven people at the end of your post […]

Someday Someday Leeds United!

The other day: 00:25 < mhoye> 00:25 <@humph> howdy hoye 00:25 <@humph> I watched this from your blog and didn’t get it 00:26 * nadavers is watching now, also doesn’t get it 00:26 < mhoye> “get it”? Ok, so: I’ve been a fan for a long time of The Dresden Dolls, the piano-and-drums duo […]

A Conversation About Car Seats

Provided without comment: A: Man, who knew that this was going to be this complicated? M: Not me. Man, forget this. The kid can walk. We’ll feed him until he’s four, and then ship him off to the salt mines. A: Feed him what? M: Salt! A: No.