Monthly Archives: February 2009

Man Outside

Thanks to Mark Zanin I now have an IMDB entry: “Mike Hoye: Man Outside”, which is just about as perfect a credit as I could have asked for. I imagine that everyone’s reaction to finding themselves on IMDB is the same, but here’s mine: Ron Tarrant was the lead in Sunday Morning; in 1993 he […]

Production Retrocomputing

We got some new client licenses for our brand new, shiny IP telephony and voicemail system at the office the other day. That picture there? That’s how they ship them. I asked the guy if he was kidding, and after a long breath and an unfocussed stare into the distance he shook his head and […]

The Cellphone Standoff Story

I’ve told this story a few times recently so I feel obliged, internets, to tell it to you. And because I’m not yelling it at you across a crowded bar, I’ll even take the time to embellish it a bit; don’t say I never loved you. I was reminded of it when I sat down […]

Because I Bleed Coffee For No Reason

There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as coming into work the morning after an eighteen or twenty hour workday spent rebuilding a LAN to hear the local support monkey tell me that the reason I.T. puts all these firewalls and security measures in place is because we’re all just lazy, and don’t like to […]

Administrative Issues

Funny thing: Statement Regarding Madoff Investigation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2008-297 Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008 — Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox issued the following statement today concerning its ongoing investigation in the case of SEC v. Madoff: […] In response, after consultation with the Commission, I have directed a full and immediate review […]

This Is The Greatest Movie News Of All Time

Ready for this? “Pride & Predator”. Apparently it started life as this photoshop job, and Elton John liked the idea so much that he’s paying to have it made. I will be honest with you: I squeed. Dear really rich people: this is exactly the kind of crazy shit you should be using that money […]

Lies, Damned Lies And Automated Recordings

Can we regard as a truism now that any human experience that is recorded for quality assurance purposes is going to suck? My thinking on on this matter is as follows: yes. You’d think that with the staggering volume of these things routinely recorded that we would be approaching some sort of customer-service nirvana by […]

Inaccuracies In The Common Understanding

We’re on the home stretch for futurekid reno-prep, I think. Who knows, though? My wife is tired and hungry a lot lately, which I believe I have accurately diagnosed to be the fault of the five-pound parasite that’s comandeered her abdomen. It’s really wierd having this thing in my wife’s belly that’s kicking and thrashing […]

Additional Songsmithery

Honestly, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from this cultural multi-car pileup. Horrible, but fascinating. The Police’s Roxannalypso Motorhead’s The Ace Of The Dentist’s Office, Paging Doctor Spades (Thanks, Lib!) The Clash, Should I Stay In The Playmobil Roadhouse Or Should I Go Johnny Cash’s Samba Hurt AC/DC’s Easily Surprised Thunderstruck Marvin Gaye’s Grapevine […]

Move Aside, And Let The Man Go Through

Provided without comment: 13:54 < mhoye> ashughes: I’m not some jackass whose lips move when he reads through the management-tips book he bought at the airport. This is hard-won knowledge obtained at substantial personal expense. 13:56 < ashughes> mhoye: I do not recall anyone calling you a jackass… if they did, I would say they […]