Inaccuracies In The Common Understanding


We’re on the home stretch for futurekid reno-prep, I think. Who knows, though?

My wife is tired and hungry a lot lately, which I believe I have accurately diagnosed to be the fault of the five-pound parasite that’s comandeered her abdomen. It’s really wierd having this thing in my wife’s belly that’s kicking and thrashing around, and how that’s just fine and totally expected. I mean, normally what I’d expect is for something like that to burst out of her chest, skitter across the floor and try to kill me.

I suspect that it will turn out that’s pretty much what happens in real life, except for a brief step between the skittering and the killing that involves changing a lot of diapers, raising it to young adulthood and teaching it to drive.


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    Welcome to parenthood. It’s absolutely terrifying and hilarious and fun and all kinds other things all rolled into one. And I personally wouldn’t give it up for the world.

  2. Mike Hoye
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