Production Retrocomputing

WAT We got some new client licenses for our brand new, shiny IP telephony and voicemail system at the office the other day.

That picture there? That’s how they ship them. I asked the guy if he was kidding, and after a long breath and an unfocussed stare into the distance he shook his head and said no, that’s how they ship them. I wanted to tell him that our company doesn’t even own anything that will read these anymore, but I didn’t have the heart. What can you say to somebody who’d send you a floppy disk in 2009 that they would understand? Do you have to make it sound Chaucerian? “Ye olde Floppediske, yew nao weyrk eht heyre?”

It’d be hard to bridge that gap. People used to think that grammar was prescriptive, baud rates were a relevant metric and Bob Hope was funny back then, you know? The language might have drifted too far for meaningful communication to occur. I wonder if women are allowed to vote at their shareholder meetings.

You hear about bringing a knife to a gunfight but jeebus, I’ve never heard of somebody betting on the wrong horse at an F1 race.

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  1. Quotation

    Bob Hope is funny.

  2. Larry

    Very funny.

  3. Larry's brother Darryl


  4. Larry's other brother Darryl


  5. Mike Kozlowski

    “You know, we don’t have anything that can read that.”

    “Oh, not a problem. We can give you a 5 1/4 floppy instead.”

  6. John

    There’s a reason I keep a USB 3.5″ drive in my work kit.

  7. mhoye

    I’m sorry, are you calling from the past?

  8. janice (ex-Nortel and elsewhere)

    Be thankful it wasn’t a tape. ;-) BTW: did you get it to work somehow?

  9. Quotation

    Also should shed some light on their current corporate culture: