Der Ring Der Synthausprechen

During that part of the day that I spent desperately trying to stop listening to I’m On A Boat, it occurred to me to wonder where I’d heard that heavily-synthesized-voice sound before, so I made list, and this is what I found:

  • Word Up – released in mid-1986, by Cameo
  • Return Of The Mack – released in early 1996, by Mark Morrison, and
  • apparently T-Pain’s first album was realeased in in the last weeks of 2005.

So oddly, we’re apparently on a nine-years, nine-months cycle for re-using that sound in catchy, otherwise-completely-idiotic music.

I plan to have my ears plugged for most of the summer of 2015. You may wish to mark it on your calendars as well.

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  1. Ted Mielczarek

    If you haven’t heard the rest of The Lonely Island’s album, it’s equally hilarious.

  2. John

    You’ve never heard of Daft Punk, I take it?

  3. mhoye

    I have, but their entire sound is synthesized. I’m talking about just the voice, and in a particular R&B style.

  4. Jamie Bowden

    Kameo with a K motherfucker!