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Showing A Little Skin

The internets have demanded belly pictures, but I am very rarely allowed to post pictures of my wife at all, much less showing any quantity of skin. But you’ve been good this week, internets, and I asked politely, so here you go. Lucky for me there is now this handy guide for prospective parents. It seems simple!

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  1. Maggie

    OMG, how ADORABLE!!!

    She looks fantastic, truly. Due date is Real Soon Now, isn’t it?

  2. mhoye

    Mid-May, we’re expecting.

  3. David Humphrey

    “Mid-May” eh? Both my girls came 5 weeks early (surprise!) so don’t be surprised and say I didn’t warn you :)

  4. mhoye

    At this point my wife wholeheartedly endorses this “weeks early” idea.

  5. Allyson Robinson

    Aww, she looks adorable!

  6. mhoye

    She is!

  7. Mike Kozlowski

    Man, that is a gorgeous room!

  8. bella anti matter

    *Squiggle gleefully*