Monthly Archives: April 2009

PSA: Widget Purchasing Guidance

Cult Following, I have not forgotten that I love you. And therefore I have some advice: if you are thinking about purchasing a portable computer-widget in the next few months, here is what you should do: Nothing. For now, do nothing. Allow me to explain. First of all, it should be clear at this point […]

The Defining Question Of Our Time

Galactus or Unicron? Show your work. UPDATE: Ian Hurst notes: “Will Galactus also be voiced by Orson Welles? Cause otherwise there’s really no contest.” I find this a very compelling argument.

Good, Open, Portable; Pick Any Two.

I was crying into a beer the other day with a friend, lamenting the state of open software on portable devices, and I thought I’d make a list. iPhone OS: Very good, very portable. Closed source, semi-closed ecosystem, hardware-locked. Can be hacked to some semblance of openness via jailbreaking, but this is a running battle. […]

Mass: Effected

I’ve just finished Mass Effect (while wearing jeans, no less, vive le basement libre!), and I am here to say this: Wow. That’s all, really. It’s a very good game. It’s not perfect, sure. There are some soft points – very verbose cutscenes you can’t skip, which are fine when they advance the plot and […]

Those Kids And Their Jazz Music

I mentioned the impending death of the old-media institution the other day, but somehow I overlooked this tender little morsel. From atop his pedestal at the Washington Post with every topic in this modern world to choose from, what pressing issue does George Will choose to address? Jeans. Denim is the infantile uniform of a […]


(Update: The Shorter Daring Fireball.) An anonymous friend of mine has mentioned to me a couple of times, particularly following the regularly-scheduled brouhaha surrounding MacHeist 3, that Mac developers seem to have a pretty bizzare relationship with things like customers and money. Via noted Apple fanboy John Gruber of Daring Fireball, he referred me to […]

Connecting The Rot

Remember what I said a while back about Dick Cheney? So, on top of the document shredding he’s already done, he’s got boxes too heavy for him to lift that contain stuff he doesn’t trust anyone else to touch.Whatever’s in those boxes, you can be sure that it’s something that he has on somebody else, […]

We Play Both Kinds Of Music Here

This is another story I’ve told a few people recently, so I’m going to tell it to you to get it out of my system. It came up in a conversation about Alberta, and I mentioned that people in cowboy boots and suits creep me out. So, of course, somebody asked me why. This is […]

Photographers, Take Note

I have a critical piece of advice here for hobbyist photographers. Let’s say that you want to take some pictures of your wife in the full convexity of late pregnancy. Not unreasonable, you might say! And let’s say for the sake of argument that you have a selection of camera lenses available to you. If […]

Warning: Infants Are Infants

The futurekid hasn’t arrived yet, so I haven’t had the full effect of this being pointed right at my face, but early evidence points to there being something about babies that makes people’s brains turn off. It’s worse than kittens. There are eleven separate warnings decals on our carseat. They are a variety of shapes […]