April 1, 2009

They Talked About The High Price Of Furniture And Rugs

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Another Tire Swing

Internet Jackass Day got off to its usual pervasively unfunny start this morning, but mercifully, this happened:

09:59 <mhoye> Dria! You disappeared from that other place.
09:59 <dria> i did
09:59 <dria> i felt entirely too interlopery
10:07 <mhoye> When you said that, for some reason my mind conjured up an image of Big Bird saying "interlooper?"
10:09 <ted> mr hooper
10:09 <ted> i bet!
10:09 <ted>

… and my day went right off the rails shortly thereafter, as people started talking about their favorite bits from the shows they watched as kids. Those links included:

Cult Following: this is how much I love you.

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