Monthly Archives: May 2009

Slave To The Grind

“So, how does it feel to be back at the office?” “Well, in truth, some of the time it’s quiet, some of the time it’s noisy. Now and then there’s a lot of screaming from people who don’t really understand what’s going on, and every now and then something shits itself and needs changing. It’s […]

Thwarted Negative Stereotypes

So, I scoffed about installing a carseat, but it turns out that it’s more challenging than I thought; I was told this unequivocally by the person who inspected it for us. The gauge on the side, telling you how straight it should be? It’s crap, it’s inaccurate. And you need way more tension on those […]

Homemade Basil Pickles

This has been in my drafts forever. I am a very bad cult leader, not sharing my wisdom; I will endeavor to do better. So, it turns out that once you’ve got a good recipe to start with it’s pretty trivial to make your own pickles; they come out far better than you’ll get off […]

Pressure Drop

A: “Why do you think Maya was fussy last night?” M: “Maybe because of the storm. The big change in pressure might have upset her.” A: “How does she feel pressure changes? I don’t feel them.” M: “I sure do.” A: “But that’s because you’re old.”

Notes On The Long Stay

10:28 <mhoye> Hm, baby still asleep. Is six days old too soon for Baby’s First Espresso? 10:28 * humph tries to find capital letters large enough for this 10:28 <@humph> YES A few disconnected thoughts that I’ve been meaning to jot down. When we were in maternity triage at the start of this, there was […]

Cooperating With The Locals

I’ve picked up an extra controller just now, and got upsold to a package deal with Viva Pinata 2 and the latest Banjo Kazooie, both of which seem more like the sort of games you can play in front of an infant than Bioshock, Mass Effect or Halo 3. Eventually (like most responsible parents in […]

Tactical Wish Management

“How do you think we’re doing so far?” “Ok. I wish Maya made a little less poop, honestly.” “No.” “What? No?” “No. Do not.” “You want more?” “No. The last time you wished for something, you wished for smallish, kind of aerodynamic baby and a quick, reasonably painless birth. What we got was a seven […]




We should be going home this afternoon. Maya views this idea with some suspicion.

First Impressions

Her name is Maya Alexander Hoye, and she’s had a very exciting first two days. I’m glad we’re at the wrapped-up-and-toqued point in this process.