One Good Look

We should be going home this afternoon. Maya views this idea with some suspicion.

Suspicious Baby Is Suspicious

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  1. Maggie

    Hooray for going home!!

    I love the second picture so very much.

  2. Jamie Bowden

    Yay, baby!

  3. Kate Nepveu

    It’s reasonably hard to get pictures of newborns with their eyes open, as I’m sure you’ve found already, so the second one’s particularly good.

    And, wow, look at her eye color! I believe it’s likely to darken up as she ages, but SteelyKid’s eyes were basically black from birth.

    Enjoy being home!

  4. Nikita

    Congratulations! She looks beautiful! (And my sister is also named Maia, though with an ‘i’)

  5. Kathy

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing pictures of dear Maya –
    Kathy and Mike