Monthly Archives: June 2009

Deploying Innovative Nomenclature

It’s widely understood that when people say that something is shit, as in “this is shit”, that it is clearly very bad, whereas something described as being “the shit”, as in “this is the shit”, it is in fact extremely good. In the last few years I’ve periodically noted that the phrase “this is pants” […]

A Snarky Question

I understand that Microsoft is now thoroughly committed to search, and has been for some time. You know, catching up with Google, Bing and so forth. So can anyone tell me why search in their flagship products, on an OS they completely control, is such an astoundingly miserable experience? Because right now, if I have […]

Roll For Initiative

Confidential to the entire world, and a certain young nerd who should know better: if you are always, always willing to work sixty, eighty or hundred-hour weeks for no overtime pay or comp time, then the managers you work for will never need to hire the people they actually need, ever. I have more to […]


That’s all, really.

Contrasting Views

Exhibit 1: More than 2,000 10 and 11-year-olds will see a short film, which urges them to tell the police, their parents or a teacher if they hear anyone expressing extremist views. The film has been made by school liaison officers and Eastern Division’s new Preventing Violent Extremism team, based at Blackburn. It uses cartoon […]