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This Is What I Think Of Your Idea

Confidential to the entire world, and a certain young nerd who should know better: if you are always, always willing to work sixty, eighty or hundred-hour weeks for no overtime pay or comp time, then the managers you work for will never need to hire the people they actually need, ever.

I have more to say about this (among other things, about how “expected mandatory overtime” is a visceral affront to basic human dignity, rots organizations from the inside out by letting incompetent management flourish, and fundamentally undermines the rule of law) but I want to get this out quickly, so let me say just this: yes, there’s a distinction to be made between “this is a labour of love for a cause that I believe in” and “I am being taken advantage of”, but you do not want to gloss that distinction over until after it costs you your relationship.

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  1. neil


  2. janice

    I think at one time the term “misplaced loyalty” applied to such workers’ attitudes.

  3. Ben Hearsum

    I couldn’t agree more. There are times when overtime is warranted and necessary, but in my opinion, if that’s happening on a regular basis that speaks of a problem with management.