Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sharing My Toys

You don’t want to let your TV raise your children, but I propose that it’s OK if your Gameboy helps to put them to bed. You can’t really see it, but that’s Electroplankton, the experimental music game, running on my DS and doing a much better job of lulling her to sleep than anything else […]

Karma Is A Wheel Greased With Irony

Bad: Amazon’s Kindle is wrapped up in DRM, meaning the books you bought can be deleted arbitrarily and remotely without your intervention or consent. Very Bad: Amazon does just that to thousands of people. Where It Gets Awesome: The book they delete? It’s George Orwell’s “1984”. And not by accident, either. On purpose. 1984 and […]


I’ve been pretty heavy on the snark lately, for which I apologize. At some point I’ll have more to say about why, but for the moment I need to let that ride. But in the meantime, despite my complaints, take a look at what I go home to. Have I mentioned that it’s pretty good […]

The Last Giant Leap

The Telegraph takes a survey, and finds out that life is a lot like XKCD: “In a survey, which reveals “deeply worrying” levels of ignorance about the Apollo space programme, which sent three men to the moon forty years ago this month, 11 out of 1009 people surveyed thought Buzz Lightyear was the first person […]

Limited Mobility

I had this (lightly edited) conversation yesterday: 15:30 < gnomon> On that note, though, what did you mean about Windows Mobile having the only open ecosystem? 15:38 < mhoye> Current mobile OSes are: WinMo, WebOS, iPhoneOS, Symbian, Android, PalmOS, RimOS 15:38 < mhoye> And a couple of irrelevant stragglers. 15:38 < mhoye> I don’t think […]

Unexpectedly Awkward

Let’s say somebody has a really adorable kid that they’re really proud of. Just for argument’s sake, we’ll call that person “me”. And let’s say “me” is showing somebody else, we’ll call them “you”, pictures of their adorable kid. Now, this is an edge case I’m sure, but yet another good reason that your personal […]