I’ve been pretty heavy on the snark lately, for which I apologize. At some point I’ll have more to say about why, but for the moment I need to let that ride. But in the meantime, despite my complaints, take a look at what I go home to.


Have I mentioned that it’s pretty good to be me?

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  1. Kate Nepveu

    She is really adorable.

    I love those baby seats, too. SteelyKid really seems to enjoy sitting up at eye level with us.

  2. mhoye

    I’m pretty surprised that she can keep her head up under her own power at two months.

  3. Kate Nepveu

    I just looked back and SteelyKid was doing baby pushups by then; in memory it seems like further out because those first weeks are _so_ _long_, and also because they are so floppy when they’re first born. My, my, how time does fly . . .