Karma Is A Wheel Greased With Irony


Bad: Amazon’s Kindle is wrapped up in DRM, meaning the books you bought can be deleted arbitrarily and remotely without your intervention or consent.

Very Bad: Amazon does just that to thousands of people.

Where It Gets Awesome: The book they delete? It’s George Orwell’s “1984”. And not by accident, either. On purpose. 1984 and Animal Farm.

As usual, DRM means never knowing for sure and piracy continues to be the only way to guarantee you actually own something. Congratulations, Amazon; you have burned your customers on the finest altar available.

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  1. kaitlin

    I was waiting for you to post on this.

    Oh. So. Ironic.

  2. Lukas Blakk

    I was totally going to ping you when I read about it – funny considering our discussions yesterday. I can’t even believe I *thought* about purchasing a Kindle.

  3. mhoye

    At least now there’s no question at all what you’re getting into.

  4. Alex Rootham

    Yeah yeah irony and everything. Let’s not panic quite yet.
    Everyone got a refund.
    You can still buy the book in paperback.

    I wish I could get a refund a year after I read a book so that I could go buy another. I’m still going to buy a Kindle if they launch it in Canada within the next few years.

  5. mhoye

    That thing you just said is 100% bullshit, and you know it.

    The fact that you can still find it elsewhere is meaningless, and you know that, too. That a merchant can roll back a transaction undertaken in good faith without the purchasers’s consent, arbitrarily and without the purchaser even being _informed beforehand_, is obviously and unambiguously Wrong, and your glib defense of it demeans you.

  6. Quotation

    I’ve heard it said that this is just like Barnes and Noble breaking in to your house while you’re sleeping, taking back a book, and leaving a cheque on your nightstand.

    I’d love to see this analogy explained to a Floridian with a shotgun.