Monthly Archives: August 2009

Four Essays

13:29 <humph> it feels good to do something about all the ideas that keep you up at night I’ve come across a couple of essays recently that have lodged themselves in my apparatus like some swarm of intellectual candiru. They seemed to arrive all at once. I don’t know what the full impact of them […]

Not Particularly True To The Original

The wheels on the bus go round and round, Round and round, Round and round, The wheels on the bus go round and round, All around the town. The bomb on the bus goes tick tock tick, Tick tock tick, Tick tock tick, The bomb on the bus goes tick tock tick, All around the […]

The Super Mario Future

A friend of mine links to this video of an AI playing Super Mario brothers, noting that “there’s something deeply inhuman about how it plays – it doesn’t do anything safe, and just careens through masses of enemies in a way that you’re sure it’s going to have to die, except (of course) it narrowly […]

Obligatory Adorable Baby Pictures

I’ve been remiss in my showing-everyone-my-adorable-baby duties, a serious oversight as a parent, so here are a couple I took this morning while she was cooperatively burbling away.

Health Quote Debate Unquote

So, our beloved neighbours to the south appear to having some sort of “debate” about heath care reform, in which they use the word “debate” in a way that is unfamiliar to me. As far as I can tell, the two sides consist of: people who think that all Americans should have a reasonable level […]

Cultural Differences

“This onesie has backwards feet.” “No, it doesn’t.” “It does, look at it.” “Is that one of the french onesies?” “Do french babies have their feet on backwards?” “No.” “I work with french people. Their feet are on the right way. They walk around and everything, I’ve seen them.” “French baby clothes are buttoned in […]

The Sound Of Inevitability

I was asked, on the subject of e-books, whether I thought that it would be moral for me to download copies of books I already own. So, about that. Legally, I shrug and say “dunno”. The law may or may not be There Yet – I’m no expert in that field, but I suspect that […]

Dear Lazyweb

Dear Lazyweb, I would like to tell a linux box that no one process or user can ever have more than a certain percentage of CPU, either in time or cores. So far as I can tell, pam_limits (configured under /etc/security/limits.conf) will let me limit memory, open files, processor time (from login to force-quit-all, per […]