Obligatory Adorable Baby Pictures

I’ve been remiss in my showing-everyone-my-adorable-baby duties, a serious oversight as a parent, so here are a couple I took this morning while she was cooperatively burbling away.

You What?


A Smile

Calm And Happy

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  1. dria

    Holy crap dude. #3 is heart-meltingly adorable.

  2. mhoye

    It’s going to be tough disciplining somebody who can point that right at your face, yeah.

  3. Jamie

    Oh, don’t worry, she’ll always be the cutest kid on the planet to you, but the cute will stop having any discernible effect.

  4. mhoye

    I doubt your claim!

  5. Mike Richters

    I hate you. You are a better photographer than I am.

  6. Kate Nepveu

    Great smile.

  7. Sine Nomine

    Trying to teach her to read upside down first??