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They’re Like Huge Seed Pods

This isn’t an exact quote, having been dredged out of some dank corner of this derelict hamster-wheel-and-rubber-band contrivance I use for a mind, but it’s stuck with me so long after other little bits of information about things like dressing properly or interacting politely with others has been forgotten, so I might as well put […]

Painting Flames On The Side

A few days ago Google released a plugin for IE6, the Chrome Frame, that pretty much makes IE6 act kind of like a peppy modern browser. Microsoft got all shirty on the topic, claiming somewhat laughably that Chrome Frame made IE6 less secure, but IE6 is still the kick-me sign taped to the back of […]

A Brief And Obvious Clarification On The Subject Of Music

For some reason I have a bunch of nonsense in my feeds about old people music today, a phenomenon whose majestic inertia continues to appall. People, look: the Beatles are not the greatest band of all time. Some people think so, but those people tend to have a couple of things in common, notably that […]

Yay, Bathtime!

That is all. Feel free to go about your day.

Can I Get A Witness

Results 1 – 10 of about 50,900,000 for “Read the whole thing”. (0.07 seconds) I’ve had this in the queue for a while; it’s a bit dated, but here it is anyway. I hope you are edified by it; as with virtually every article about the ongoing slow suicide of the modern media establishment, I […]

Babies: Kind Of Dumb

It turns out that when excitable parents talk about how smart their baby is, they’re giving you a much more accurate assessment of themselves than their child. This is Maya, trying to eat the plate the bagel came on.

A Painted Ship Upon A Painted Ocean

20:05  * humph cannot understand why anyone is buying zune 20:05 <@humph> I’m scrolling through engadget and can’t believe what I’m seeing 20:05 < mhoye> oh, god, the zune. 20:05 < mhoye> My dad has a story whose details I can barely remember. 20:05 <@humph> hit me … about a sea captain (Admiral Nelson maybe?) […]


Both completely absurd and totally apt, I have just had this error message pop up for me. Which translated says “In order to protect your computer, Windows has prevented the following program from running: Windows.” On the one hand, completely useless. On the other hand so very true, and probably for the best. I’m reasonably […]

The Revolution Will Not Duplicate Core Functionality

Just getting back into it after my pensive little layoff; forgive me if I’m a little rusty. Exhibit A: From Apple’s recent response to some questions the FCC had about the App Store: Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it. The application has not been […]