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It’s small, just a start, but the world doesn’t work this way yet and I think a lot more of it should. is live. Might work, might not. I’m hopeful. Version 0.1, and I solicit your opinion.

The Commodification Of War

Another first draft. I’ll likely revise this later, but here it is. Is this coherent? I can’t tell anymore, I’m tired. “I’m a guy of simple taste. I enjoy dynamite, gunpowder, and gasoline. And you know the thing they have in common? ” “They’re cheap.” – The Joker So, funny story: a large, wealthy and […]

Fun Facts About The Amazon Kindle

Some places you can get the Amazon Kindle, and some fun facts about them! The Aland Islands. Fun fact: the Aland islands have an estimated population of just over 27 thousand people. Botswana. Fun facts: About 40% of Botswana’s citizens live below the international poverty line of $US 1.25 per day. Approximately 70% of the […]

Tactical Parenting 1

Rattling this out quickly before it escapes me; this is going to be part of a larger thing I’m writing but I’ve got some friends who will need this soon. So for now, two things. First of all, bedtime: in the first six to eight weeks, they’ll sleep, wake up and poop wherever and whenever […]

Babies: Bad At Trivia

So people keep saying babies are super smart and whatever, but I tell you that is just empirically not true. I’ve asked Maya a bunch of questions in the last few weeks, and she has yet to get any of them right. And here’s the kicker: the answer to every single one of those questions? […]

All Networks Are Political

mhoye The terrible thing about being this awesome is that it’s hard for people to fully appreciate it when I make it look so easy. I spent part of last week getting my office out from under the catastrophic failure of our three ostensibly-redundant AC units in the server room. They’re water-cooled units that were […]

Using Weave

Just recently a colleague had their drive die on them; these things happen, and it wasn’t much of a hassle to reimage a new drive. She’d even backed up her bookmarks, but in this modern age it turns out that’s not good enough. There’s a lot more to the modern browser experience than that; a […]

Patience, Please

I suppose you notice conversations like this a little more often once you’ve got a kid of your own, but I thought I would remark on it. I hear it from parents and nonparents alike, and it seems very strange to me that anyone could look at one these flailing little wads of helpless protohuman […]

ShoggothLive iFnagh

From H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness, we have Exhibit 1: And now, when Danforth and I saw the freshly glistening and reflectively iridescent black slime which clung thickly to those headless bodies and stank obscenely with that new unknown odour whose cause only a diseased fancy could envisage—clung to those bodies and […]

I’ll Call Him Mini Something Something Mutter

As many of you know my hypocrisy is boundless, cavorting around the landscape like an exuberant fratboy with something poorly thought through to prove. It is the slightly too young, slightly too drunk Ernest Hemingway of hypocrisies, full of an exuberant joi de vivre, slightly manic and from time to time would like to know […]