October 2, 2009

It’s Important To Have A Process

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11:56 <@humph>

mhoye We’ve successfully narrowed this problem down to “only fails during demos to important people”, but the test suite is going to be awkward.

11:56 <@humph> :)
11:57 < ted> heh
12:09 < mhoye> Laugh all you like, but I am _this close_ to hancuffing our CEO to a chair and making them stare at that machine until we can work out the causal relationship there.
12:10 < ted> you should do some testing to see if it's really the important person, or just the fear of losing your job
12:11 < ted> hire an intern and threaten to fire them if the demo fails
12:11 < ted> see if it fails
12:11 < mhoye> I love science.

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