Monthly Archives: December 2009

Connective Tissues

A few seconds ago I popped the card out of my camera and into my laptop, and sent my parents the some pictures of Maya in front of her first Christmas Tree. They answered almost immediately, so we fired up Skype so that they could see their granddaughter having a great time in her Jolly […]

Dear Former Homeowners Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux

We came home the other day to the delightful, cheery smell of a house full of propane. It turns out that even though boring old building codes say your gas meter should be at least an inch away from adjacent surfaces, our former homeowners apparently needed that inch real bad, so ours was right up […]

That’s My Girl

You can kind of tell we’re related: I love this photo so much.

Hangin’ Tough

I was walking home a few weeks ago, crossing at an intersection when some young tough in his SUV drove partway through that same, right at me. He stopped before he hit me, which all things considered I was pretty pleased about, but I still gave him a look as he went by – the […]

Meet The New Mombasa, Same As The Old Mombasa

Earlier this week I was all enthusiastic about how Halo: ODST was unambiguously superior to all the previous Halo games, but it turns out that I had only played the part before they’d gotten around to turning it back into, y’know, Halo. For those (both?) of you unfamiliar with it, the Halo series are open-environment, […]

A Note To Some Friends

I’ve been threatening Beltzner with this for a few weeks but I haven’t had a good time to talk it out with him privately. What brought this on was a presentation of his that was all about Firefox the product and what the community has to do, but as far as I could tell, not […]