Monthly Archives: March 2010

Overshooting The Overton Window

I haven’t seen these ideas together in one place, but I think it’s a noteworthy observation. Brought on by David Eaves’ recent link to an old post of his about why policy matters in politics, I thought I’d mention this: The Overton Window is a brilliantly cynical public-policy manipulation tool named for its creator, who […]

F/8 And Be There

I own a DSLR and take a lot of pictures, which makes me an authority on the subject of cameras and photography, and guarantees that every time my shutter snaps, magic happens. It said so right there on the receipt. Now, that is obvious nonsense, but I get asked a lot of questions about cameras […]

Where Credit Is Due

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit, but finding this Onion article among other recent news spurred me to get it written up. Google has impressed me on a couple of fronts recently; the first was their quite prompt about-face with respect to the Buzz default settings. I was surprised at how quickly – […]


Things have been a little thin on the ground here at Mountain Fortress Blarg, and while I have no good reasons, perhaps an excuse or two might do in their stead. Dave Humphrey recently linked to an article on composing, which David Byrne closes by saying: “But one might also ask: Is writing ever NOT […]


Spring! Probably just fake-spring, but still! Woo! I’m thinking about buying a new bike, maybe one of these.

The Panoopticon

I have no great insight why this would be – a childhood watching Sesame Street and the Muppets, maybe? – but for some reason the tiny dose of anthropomorphic surrealism you get from finding a pair of googly-eyes looking at you from somewhere unexpected can turn a rough day all the way around. Thank you, […]

Runny, Jumpy, Stabby

I’ve just wrapped up Assassin’s Creed 2, and my goodness. (There’s some spoilers here, but nothing severe.) If you’d said to me a few months ago, you know Hoye, Parkour seems like a lot of fun, but you know what would make it even better? Stabbing your way through a Templar conspiracy in Renaissance Italy. […]


I’ve been reviewing a couple of the predictions and pieces of advice I’ve given people about tech in the last year, just to see how I did. In April, I said don’t buy anything, because: Pixel Qi will start shipping their awesome screens in late 2009. As of now, they’re apparently cranking them out, but […]


A friend of mine recently expressed some shock when I told him that I have no problem at all with my daughter playing video games, but I’d rather she not watch television. “Really”, he said? Yeah, really. And the more TV hits me in the eyes the more convinced I am that I’m entirely in […]

Territorial Disputes

I apologize for the long absence, cult following. Between moving back into our basement and wrangling a now very mobile daughter, I have been busy aplenty. So yeah, that. It’s busymaking. Also, I believe that this is not made clear to prospective fathers, but it turns out you don’t get to keep that cozy little […]