Territorial Disputes

I apologize for the long absence, cult following. Between moving back into our basement and wrangling a now very mobile daughter, I have been busy aplenty.

Hooray For Standing

So yeah, that. It’s busymaking.

Also, I believe that this is not made clear to prospective fathers, but it turns out you don’t get to keep that cozy little man cave you’ve built for yourself once the kid is old enough to be mobile. It becomes “the playroom”, and you pretty much have to suck it up and childproof whatever sliver of territory you don’t cede outright.

She seems quite happy to be puttering around in it, so there is that.

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  1. Kate Nepveu

    All territory becomes the kid’s.

    SteelyKid can now climb unassisted onto my office chair. I have given up trying to keep her away from my keyboard & trackball and now just lock the computer so, I hope, her banging on the keyboard can’t do any harm.

    The best part is when _I’m_ sitting in the chair and she tries to push me off so she can climb in.

  2. Darcy

    I believe you have been warned – but perhaps you were not paying attention to the larger moral. Who took that photo of Catherine with the innocent expression, surrounded by all the cds she had just pulled off the shelf?

  3. mhoye