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The Abyss Googlies Also Into You

I have no great insight why this would be – a childhood watching Sesame Street and the Muppets, maybe? – but for some reason the tiny dose of anthropomorphic surrealism you get from finding a pair of googly-eyes looking at you from somewhere unexpected can turn a rough day all the way around.

Thank you, person-putting-googly-eyes-on-random-stuff-in-my-neighborhood. Whoever you are I salute you.

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  1. Amos

    I want to be that person in my neighbourhood!

  2. Jamie

    That picture just made my morning. I still don’t believe you when you talk about Spring up there though.

  3. Zeynep

    That’s great. Much, much better than the people who stuck stickers that said “BEEF” on everything in my neighborhood several years back.

    Thanks for the smile.

  4. David Humphrey

    When you guys get to the “making crafts” stage, like we are, you’ll want to go to the Dollar Store and buy a large bag of these. You can get them in all sorts of sizes, and they have the magical effect of turning any drawing or “monster” or whatever you’re making into something much more significant. We always have a supply on hand for just the reason you mention.

  5. Chris

    This is one of the 4 or 5 greatest references to Jeremy Bentham EVER!

  6. Kaitlin

    Foucault would be proud. Bentham? Probably not so much.

  7. mhoye

    Leon Foucault, I hope you mean. And I even threw a Nietzsche reference in there, for those astute few who clicked through.

  8. Dan M

    Great photo!

    Similar story: shortly after Portal was released, I was walking down the street and some like-minded gamer had drawn the Aperture Science logo in sidewalk chalk. Took me a minute to recall what it was, but when I did it totally made my day.

  9. Sarah N

    This being the internet, there is a whole blog of googly eyes on inanimate objects: