April 13, 2010

My Own Private Electrical Storm

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They're Serious About This

Every now and then during my semi-nightly 3:00 AM staring-at-the-ceiling routine, I seem to hear this wierd electrical fuzzing just for a moment, like loud, high-voltage arc, occasionally with accompanying visual effects. I assumed that it was just some sort of involuntary affect that I get to live with – it seems fairly harmless, aside from waking me up and spooking me a bit, but it doesn’t happen often. I’d never done any real research into it and assumed it was just one of those harmless, relatively uncommon things.

Turns out it has an awesome name, though: Exploding Head Syndrome. It’s apparently benign, and wholly unrelated to the number of times I’ve actually thought my head would explode, but there you go.

Thank you, inside-of-my-head, for keeping this streak of being broken in oddly entertaining ways alive. I can only hope that all the other types of brain damage I end up cultivating will have equally awesome names.

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