Baby Vs. Tech


A few days ago, Maya picked up an old cellphone, held it up to her head and said “Hi! Hi!” And I was really impressed, thinking wow, she’s learning really fast.

Of course, a few minutes later, she held a stuffed animal up to her ear, looked at me and said “Hi!”

Well, OK then.

Since then she’s answered our phone, more stuffed animals, her baby monitor, two socks and a box of cereal. So there’s work left to be done, but am willing to call this progress.

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  1. Kate Nepveu

    SteelyKid will talk on an unplugged landline phone, a toy mobile phone, and Chad’s scientific calculator. She also uses the cord end of the landline phone as a microphone for singing.

  2. Amos

    Maya is just very prescient. In the foreseeable future, all but the socks will probably gain the ability to respond. And in her lifetime, maybe the socks will speak too.

  3. Mike Richters

    Remote controls (TV, etc) were something that Ryan frequently referred to with the word “phone”. Of course, we basically never had the TV on when he was awake, so he had no way of knowing what they were used for.