Monthly Archives: May 2010

Predictable Puffery

I don’t know why I keep following links to Daring Fireball. Morbid fascination, I guess? But somehow I keep checking in now and then to see if he’s finally worked his way through all the copy-paste-and-one-line-of-snark he can live with, the methadone formula that drips through his blog and keeps him from cooking up the […]

The Power Of The Name

Walking home from an excellent dinner the other day the subject of the Name or True Name came up, a recurring idea in most fantasy literature; the idea that you have one True Name, pronounced just so, is both Yours and which has Power over you. It’s something that’s come up a lot in my […]

Fast Forward

Maya tried to change what my Gameboy was doing today by flicking her finger across the screen. She’s already figured out how to use my iPhone and keyboard, though for relatively marginal and sporadically destructive things, but it turns out there’s enough keyboard shortcuts on this thing that she inevitably finds a few of them. […]

Face, Off

This evening I’ll be deleting my facebook profile; I was asked why, though, so I want to hang this out for a bit beforehand to let people on Facebook know. There are a couple of reasons for this; I outlined the dramatic changes in their privacy policy the other day, which have since been presented […]