Monthly Archives: July 2010

The Semiannual Mobile Devices Rant (Updated)

In my audit of my 2009 predictions I’d overlooked that I mistakenly implied that Speed would be the high point of Sandra Bullock’s career. I found out recently that she went on to win both the Oscar for Best Actress and the Razzie for Worst Actress, apparently the first time anyone has won both awards […]

Street Meat

Taste is so tightly bound to memory that I have a hard time believing that I can appreciate or even even taste food on its own, in a void of context. I wonder how many of my likes, dislikes, loves and hates are like that; not about the thing, but the echoes of memory that […]

I’m Totally Serious You Guys

But We Can’t Do You Love And Rhetoric Without The Blood

Been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I’ve been cogitating; sometimes that takes time. In particular, I might add, when people dump a dozen loosely-related ideas into your brain with no regard whatsoever for how much effort it will take you to sort them all out. If I were in a blame-shifting mood I’d be pointing […]