August 21, 2010


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The Tunnels Near Downsview

I gave notice at my job this week; my last day is the 31st. People have asked me where I’m going, and the fact of it is I don’t have a new one; I have an idea, and I’m going to try to turn it into a real thing. Exciting! And also a tiny bit terrifying, but nevertheless very exciting. I’ve got a lot of supportive mail from some pretty smart friends, and my lovely wife is giving me a year to go from zero to whatever I have in a year.

I’ve got a lot of people rooting for me, which is a relief. And a couple of people who’ve been offering what help they can.

15:35 <aaaaaaa> so. if there are things I can do to help, please let me know.
15:35 <aaaaaaa> you will probably be approached by bbbbbbb, or may already have been
15:35 <
aaaaaaa> I would also like to avoid stepping on your dick, and am happy to review/bounce ideas as you see fit
20:41 <mhoye> So, in Cyrano De Bergerac, there's a line about tilting at windmills. A fellow warns Cyrano that a man who tilts at windmills is likely to be cast violently to the ground.
20:42 <mhoye> Cyrano's reply is "Or perhaps up to the stars", or something to that effect.
20:44 <mhoye> I've been trying to come up with a pithy way to reply to what you just said, where the part about tilting at windmills is replaced with a bit about stepping on my dick.
20:45 <mhoye> It was going to both make a point about both possible outcomes while also comically exaggerating my manhood.
20:45 <mhoye> But it's not really coming together for me.
20:45 <
aaaaaaa> what I mean mostly is, let me know what you're working on from time to time, so I don't surprise you, and vice versa. although the tripping schlong (like the gripping hand) is some good imagery
20:46 <mhoye> Suffice to say that I also believe we can share goals and work very productively towards common if non-overlapping ends.
20:46 <mhoye> Which you can interpret as being flung into space by my penis, if you'd like to pursue that metaphor.
20:46 <
aaaaaaa> too much dr. strangelove, there
20:46 <mhoye> Yeehah.

Which is all to say:

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