Monthly Archives: January 2011

Open Worlds

Nethack, the venerable console game, is almost 25 years old now, and new releases come out, irregularly, every few years. Keep that in mind for the moment. A friend of mine who also has kids was a little shocked to find out that I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood with Maya lately. You may well […]

Normalizing Crazy

While I’ve been working on this, it has already been done better here and here. But if you like, feel free to keep reading. Pretending that rhetoric doesn’t involve a measure of culpability is a wonderfully convenient fiction, isn’t it? “I was just giving orders.” When emotions are running hot and the situation is complicated, […]

A Note To My Business-Niche Cohabitants

My little startup is moving along quite nicely, have I mentioned that? 2010 was a good year, and 2011 is looking extremely promising, in large part because of the awesome people I’m working with now and looking to hire. But I’d like to clear up one little thing about that; noted Seneca professor Dave Humphrey […]

Women And Open Source

Noted sex and technology blogger Violet Blue has written a bit here calling 2010 “The Year of Whining About Women In Tech”. In my erstwhile role as an obscenely overprivileged white man and freestanding meritocracy I’ve been giving this some thought recently. I feel that you should pay attention to my opinions on the subject. […]