Monthly Archives: March 2011

Here We Go!

Ok, let’s do this. What I’ve been working on for the last few months has just gone up here – an enterprise deployment suite for Mozilla Firefox. We’ve got a few big things on the go – the first, a service called Torch, is a customization tool that lets you configure Firefox with a few […]

The Practical Implications Of The Democratization Of Agency At The Intersection Of The Transhumanist, Architectural Primitivist And Existentialist Fields

Ideas get lodged in my head, and if they’re interesting enough – not necessarily “good”, mind you, but “interesting” – then I basically can’t do anything useful until I’ve gnawed away at them for hours. If it’s OCD that applies only to the inside of your head, is there even a word for that? Obsessive […]

Pick Two

The last time I did this, it didn’t go particularly well – The cheapest subnotebook I could find turned out to be pretty terrible, had a lot wrong with it from Day 1 and ultimately lived a pretty short, pretty unhappy life. I’ve got an odd fascination with the bottom end of the hardware spectrum, […]

Because I Can

Four Star Daydream

I was wondering the other day why investment banking, which is in theory a competitive service industry, appears to be so insanely profitable. A notion occurred to me, but not being an expert in the field it’s hard for me to evaluate its veracity. It’s got a certain sinister elegance to it, though, and if […]

Into The Vide

This week’s mad science news is that I’m starting to experiment with sous-vide cooking now that I’ve gotten around to building myself the necessary tool to do that, uninspiringly referred to as a sous-vide cooker. The idea of sous-vide or “vacuum-sealed” cooking is that you can achieve various interesting results by cooking things at low […]