Monthly Archives: April 2011


Here’s a veteran systems administration move that not a lot of people know about. Though to be honest I haven’t really asked around to find out if people know about it or not; that’s not so much beside the point as it is back in the cheap seats on the point’s reunion tour, obviously. It’s […]

Assorted Nerdery

First off, my colleague Donna wrote up a bit about the work we’ve been doing for the last few months. It’s been a pleasure to work with her, and I don’t really think of her as a crony but nobody tell her I said so. The second thing is a way to get all the […]

Where The Puck Is Going

I alluded to some fictional future tech the other day, specifically ARM-powered Macbook Airs. My reasonings, let me show you them. With OSX 10.6, Apple announced Grand Central Dispatch, a framework for managing multithreaded programs across multiple cores, which they released, surprisingly, under the Apache open-source license. This gives programmers who take advantage of it […]