Monthly Archives: July 2011

War Machines

Fire control computers solve fire control problems. Individually, these are fascinating: A seven-part instructional series on using the mechanical computers of the second World War to calculate firing solutions for ships engaged in naval battles. The first three videos cover “Shafts, Gears, Cams and Differentials”, the second four are about “Component Solvers, Integrators And Multipliers”, […]

Reenacting Corporealism

So, a colleague of mine at Seneca is working on this XB Pointstream thing, which is pretty neat – you should scroll down to the demos, but what it amounts to is a way of rendering stuff in 3D, in webpages, in a really lightweight way, and all in JS. It’s pretty neat, and I […]

“Up To”

I’ve made a graph. This is Bell and Rogers current broadband offerings, their advertised “up to X” speed, and how long it would take to hit their stated monthly cap running at their advertised maximum speed full-out. As you can see, they’re selling you a month of quota that you can use in half a […]

Shocked, Shocked I Say.

Compare and contrast. Exhibit 1: Rebekah Brooks letter to the staff of News Of The World. It is almost too horrific to believe that a professional journalist or even a freelance inquiry agent working on behalf of a member of the News of the World staff could behave in this way. If the allegations are […]