July 19, 2011

“Up To”

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I’ve made a graph.

This is Bell and Rogers current broadband offerings, their advertised “up to X” speed, and how long it would take to hit their stated monthly cap running at their advertised maximum speed full-out.

As you can see, they’re selling you a month of quota that you can use in half a day. Rogers caps their overage fees at $50, Bell at $60. Both companies ship digital cable and pay per view to you over the same wires, both of which are also made of bits and both of which actually run about 25 GB/hr. This is, you will note, at least an order of magnitude faster than their most luxurious internet offerings and a connection speed they don’t and will make every effort never to sell you.

This effectively means that Bell and Rogers both have connections to your house with ten or more times the bandwidth than anything they’ve make available to you; we complain when we see other countries routinely offering 100Mbps fiber for $30/month or less but (putting aside the urban/rural split for the moment) people seem to think that’s impossible to achieve here. But the fact of the matter is that not only has it already been achieved, it is already fully deployed. Bell and Rogers have simply elected not to sell that to you.

I think it’s informative to look at the state of play in those terms, and compare the cost and speeds of connections available where you’re the one making the choices about what to watch, as compared to your telcos.

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