Monthly Archives: August 2011

This Is A Triumph

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been grinning like an idiot since noon, so I’ll tell you. I had an idea today, and it seemed like a decent one so I emailed it to Gabe Newell. Sir – My daughter, who is all of two and a half years old, has asked me […]

Utterly Routine

This is absolutely, 100% typical. The police don’t even bother ticketing them most of the time.

Google– (Updated)

I just deleted my Google+ profile. They asked me why, and I told them: You’ve successfully deleted Google+ and associated social content We’re sorry to see you leave! Please help us improve by telling us why you are leaving and what we can do better. This survey is optional but your feedback is much appreciated. […]


(That’s my girl.)

Legalized Extortion

The reason you never hear about HP in discussions like this is because they bought Palm. Somewhere in some dark corner of their organization they have a patent for “a computer with a touch screen display that fits in your pocket”, and nobody’s going even going to think of picking a fight with somebody who […]

Taking Stock

@mhoye: Market indicators down on fears market indicators won’t riseā€¦ wait um what… These graphics are poached from a friend’s private journal, but I suspect they won’t mind; it’s informative. @adammcnamara: The stock market: Because you don’t really need your money. #fack You know how every single stock portfolio in the universe always […]

Global Portaling System

This came to me the other day when a friend of mine was talking about some acquaintances of theirs who’d driven across Africa, including through the Sudan: some people in some places really, really need a GPS that talks to them like the Fact Sphere from Portal 2. “The situation you are in is very […]