Monthly Archives: October 2011

Technical Underdogging

After looking at my budget, looking at my options and looking at who I really wanted to give my money to, I’ve bought myself a Nokia E7. I know. I wanted a physical keyboard, really good bluetooth support and a phone that works with Wind Mobile; the pickings there were pretty slim, particularly if I […]

To Be Left Unexamined

There is an unresolved question at the core of adulthood that hovers unnamed in that ineffable, ethereal moment in the late cold evening that terrible ideas start looking like great ideas and also you have the internet and a credit card. I think I should probably just go to bed.

Staying In Character

This is how RIM talks to developers: Dear Vendor: We have added a new category in BlackBerry App World entitled ‘* Thank You Gift *’. This category is reserved for use by RIM only. If you put an app in this category, whether intentionally or not, we will deny it until you revert the category […]


This right here is a the before and after of a digital camera picture run through a deblur filter. Now, maybe that’s a best-case scenario being used for a tech demo, but (1) technology like this only gets better, never worse, and (2) even if it is, holy crap. The obvious next steps you can […]

A Typical Reaction

“By the way, I told the internets we were having another kid.” “Which internets?” “…” “Which internets?” “Just the small one.” Ah, yes. The hitting again.

Shooting Holes In The Story

I don’t think I’m actually done this, so just pretend it’s a late draft. I might try to tighten it up later, but here you go; I hope you’re interested. Yeah, this is still about Portal 2, so bear with me. It’s not like Gears Of War deserves to be dissected like this, you know? […]

I Neglected To Mention

Busy times, busy times. Sorry I’ve neglected you so, internets. But: did I mention that we’re having another one of these kid things? Sometime in late March, from what I understand. I’m not really in charge of the process. Exciting! Though to be honest, somewhat less terrifying this time around. It turns out that kids […]