I Neglected To Mention

Flight Of The Navigator

Busy times, busy times. Sorry I’ve neglected you so, internets. But: did I mention that we’re having another one of these kid things? Sometime in late March, from what I understand. I’m not really in charge of the process.

Exciting! Though to be honest, somewhat less terrifying this time around. It turns out that kids don’t actually explode if they’re lightly mishandled.

UPDATE: Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Mike


    Good times, good times…..

  2. Mike Beltzner

    Whoa! Congratulations, Mike & Arlene. Best wishes on an easy road from here to there.

  3. Mike Kozlowski

    Congratulations, and also crazypants!

  4. Kate Nepveu

    I feel like I should not comment since my name is not Mike, but nevertheless: congratulations & best wishes!

  5. Jamie

    What Kate said.

  6. Maggie

    HOORAY! Congratulations to all of you!

  7. Michael Bruce

    I will add congratulations from yet another Mike! Awesome, dude.

  8. Zeynep

    Hey, yay! (Somehow missed this when you first posted…)

  9. janice

    Just happened here for who knows why and WOW: that’s big news! And wonderful to boot. Best wishes to all! :)

  10. Amy

    I’m late to the announcement, but congrats and best wishes to you and Arlene!