To Be Left Unexamined

There is an unresolved question at the core of adulthood that hovers unnamed in that ineffable, ethereal moment in the late cold evening that terrible ideas start looking like great ideas and also you have the internet and a credit card.

I think I should probably just go to bed.

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  1. Mike Kozlowski

    Enjoy your Realdoll!

  2. Ted Mielczarek

    Pretty sure this is the same thing where you realize you buy the groceries, and you can come home with nothing but candy if you want.

  3. mhoye

    I could go to the grocery store and come back with thirty pounds of skittles! Nobody could stop me!

  4. Leonhard Euler

    No one can stop you except your good sense.

    That being said, do they sell Kit-Kat Dark in Canada? Because I HAVE gone to the store for milk and come back with a pound of those.