November 15, 2011

Windows Phone: Done (Update! Incorrect!)

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“We are driving Windows down to the phone with Windows 8“, says Steve Ballmer, inadvertently strangling the entire WP7 ecosystem in its cradle as he telegraphs to Windows Phone 7 developers that anything they build will be dead-end technology by fall 2012. (update: see below…)

Were I in that situation (and I’m in one that’s surprisingly similar) the next obvious question will be, if the Windows 8 ecosystem is all HTML5, why don’t we just build a webapp?

Why not, why not indeed.

Microsoft needs some new leadership just so badly. They’re really not much good at anything they weren’t good at before he took over, and the world’s kind of changed since then.

I love the fact that Google search for ‘windows phone 7 silverlight’ gives you as its first result. Yeah, it’s like that.

Ho ho! A very rapid update: Ballmer was misquoted, as evidenced by this sound bite. “We’ve got broad Windows initiatives, driving Windows down to the phone. With Windows 8, you’ll see incredible new form factors, powered by Windows, from tablets – small, large, pens – smaller, bigger, room-sized displays. We are in an era in which the range of smart devices is just continuing to expand.”

While I don’t think that my opinion has changed, unfortunately, I’m still going to leave this up, for ownership’s sake, and maybe to remind me on the perils of blogging too hastily.

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  1. I agree that it’s not unambiguous with the full paragraph, but… it’s not unambiguous. I don’t think he’s saying that Win8 won’t be the basis of their next phone gen, even if he’s not necessarily saying it will.

    And either way, the long-term is still unclear. Ironically, I think WP7 is in the same position as MACOSX: It’s the less popular OS platform in a company that sells two OS platforms, and everyone who develops for it is afraid that the more popular one is going to ultimately replace it somehow.

    Comment by Mike Kozlowski — November 15, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

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