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And By Raging I Mean Flailing, And By Light I Mean Relevance

A friend of mine points me to this incredible New York Times article in which publishers lay out the fact that they are fundamentally opposed to public libraries, detailing their struggles as they take up arms against these nefarious institutions promoting such injustices as culture, literacy and the greater public good. Ms. Thomas of Hachette […]


According to Wolfram Alpha, there are 2.9 x 10^6 dietary calories in a cubic meter of cheese, 142829% of your recommended daily caloric intake. Furthermore, there are 8.468×10^47 cubic meters in a cubic light year. From this, we can conclude that there are 2.455 x 10^54 dietary calories in a cubic light year of cheese. […]

Book Reviews

I’ve read me some books recently, Ready Player One and two of the Last Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, and they could not possibly more different. Ready Player One is a nerdculture bender of a book, about as hard to stop while you’re in the middle of it as it is to love in hindsight; it’s […]

Horror Show

You’re no doubt familiar with the old horror-movie bit of the walking, lumbering monster being able to chase down a victim who’s running hard to get away from them. You know the drill: it doesn’t matter how hard, fast or far they’ve run, they could have the stamina of a marathoner and the speed of […]

Baying For Blood

I’ve mentioned this sort of thing before, but nevertheless: this is a really terrible piece of writing. I remain convinced that the best way to stop a bully is not to go mewling to the teacher, who will only call the victim’s mummy, or to your own mummy, who will only call the teacher. The […]

Preexisting Conditional

The worst thing about Linux, bar none, is the “I’ve been stupid” feeling you get when you only just now find the simple tool that’s been around forever, that solves some nagging problem you’ve had just as forever. I swear to God, I did not know what “cd -” did until just now. Mental note: […]

DeathRaceCondition 2000

I had a race condition eat my week. Stick around, I’ll tell you what that’s about. Here’s some IRC, with some comments. 10:29 < mhoye> Oh, man. I think I’ve finally fixed this bug. 10:30 < mjschranz> mhoye: What was the bug? 10:30 < mhoye> Multi-user, multi-stack web services are the most horrible thing. 10:30 […]