Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Bit Part

I was part of the zombie apocalypse before zombie apocalypses were cool. The short film that earned me my only IMDB credit as “Man Outside” (which to this day, I think, is the most perfect title I’ve ever had) is now up on Vimeo. It’s called Sunday Morning, written and directed by Mark Zanin; go […]

Ferris’ Wheel (Updated)

16:11 < colleague> if they do a sequel I so dearly hope ben stein and charlie sheen aren’t invited 16:11 < mhoye> “… Drugs?” 16:11 < mhoye> I think they have to be. 16:14 < second_colleague> why no ben stein? 16:14 < other_colleague> cause he’s gone INSANE 16:16  * mhoye thinks they should swap roles. […]

A Short Course On The Tragedy In Act One

Back in 2003 Raymond Chen, noted Microsoftie and venerable author of the excellent Old New Thing blog, wrote a bit about the propensity programmers had for, and problems caused by, reverse-engineering Microsoft’s APIs and hooking into them in unapproved ways: “For example, BOZOSLIVEHERE was originally the window procedure for the edit control, with the rather […]

On Hiring

I’ve decided that if I find out a job applicant has internet-bragged that they could implement some major (Kickstarter, Ebay, Etsy, Facebook, anything…) website’s functionality in a week with Ruby – and it’s always Ruby, lately – I’m going to give them an interview right away, just so I can ask them why they haven’t. […]

Political Theory, Asymmetric Warfare & Batman Movies

I made this presentation to Seneca’s Free Software and Open Source Symposium last year; it is dreadfully embarassing, revealing mainly that I’m a terrible speaker who tells weak jokes, goes off into the weeds too often, rambles and says “um” far and away too much. This is just the voice track over my slides, which […]

Out From Under

Last week, I was a few months into a one-year agreement with Rogers for my home cable internet connection when they sent me some mail telling me they were going to raise the prices after March. The letter said, in part: “At Rogers, our number on priority is to bring you the best in information, […]