On Hiring

I’ve decided that if I find out a job applicant has internet-bragged that they could implement some major (Kickstarter, Ebay, Etsy, Facebook, anything…) website’s functionality in a week with Ruby – and it’s always Ruby, lately – I’m going to give them an interview right away, just so I can ask them why they haven’t.

I’d never give them a job. I just want to watch them squirm when I ask the question.

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  1. Kaitlin

    Can you stream the interview for us when that happens? Please…

  2. John

    “Because there’s no point to competing with Facebook by offering Facebook – nobody is going to switch over if you’re just ‘exactly the same but nobody else uses it’. Which is why I have not implemented Facebook in Ruby, even though I TOTALLY could.”

    (PS: I also wish to watch the livestreamed interview)