Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Tale Of The Tape

Kevin Gildea is hard to google. He’s an English professor in the Ottawa area, part-time (from what I can tell) at both Ottawa U and Carleton. When I was in his class a decade ago, he never gave you the sense of being self-aggrandizing enough to have a web presence, much less the fan base […]

Let’s All Act Surprised Together

Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews, seen above denying (on camera) having said the thing he said (on camera) one day previously, today expressed surprise at the contents of Bill C-30, the same bill whose opponents he accused of supporting child pornographers. I suppose that it would be too much to ask of our public […]

This Meta Goes To Eleven

I took this picture of Maya taking a picture of a Skype session with her grandfather, in which the camera on my computer embedded a picture of her in the corner of the picture his computer took of him holding up a picture of me from when I was 12 years old, holding a camera. […]

Learning materials

Depicted here, a comet has knocked a star out of the sky; it’s fallen on the ground, and we have to pick it up, climb a hill and put it back next to the Moon. So that everyone can make wishes. Now, I’m not down on Dora – they’re engaging books for toddlers, accessible and […]

“Courage should be rewarded, and negligence punished.”

Two and a half years ago, I mentioned that: 20:05 < mhoye> My dad has a story whose details I can barely remember. 20:05 <@humph> hit me … but I was wrong, it wasn’t Admiral Nelson. It was Chevalier La Vieuville, from Victor Hugo’s “Ninety-Three”, and my brief retelling of it doesn’t do it anything […]