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Depicted here, a comet has knocked a star out of the sky; it’s fallen on the ground, and we have to pick it up, climb a hill and put it back next to the Moon. So that everyone can make wishes.


Now, I’m not down on Dora – they’re engaging books for toddlers, accessible and participatory – but there are just so many things wrong with this that I choked a bit, trying to read it to Maya. And when I asked her what was wrong with, she was absolutely certain.

“Dad!” she said. “The monkey’s not wearing a shirt!”

Ok, then. Still some work to do here.

Still, later that night she said she was going to “climb a big ladder and bring me the moon”, which may be the nicest things anyone’s said to me. Unfortunately she’s pretty sure it’s “Swiper”, not “Sniper”, so I haven’t been able to get her to say “Sniper, stop sniping!” with any consistency.

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  1. Seth

    Of course, she’s right on all accounts :)

  2. Jamie

    I complained to Karen that “Pajama Time” has the crescent moon in the wrong orientation. I’m not sure I could make it through this Dora book.

  3. Kaitlin

    Firstly, it’s “Swiper, no swiping,” not “swiper, stop swiping.”

    Secondly, might I recommend Many Moons as a follow-up to that book. A little James Thurber would do you both some good.

  4. Lib

    Maybe the next one will be more malleable…

  5. Darcy

    Just wait. Catherine took control of Mass Effect from Chris for an hour this weekend. She likes the ATV and the aliens, but killing monsters is still scary.

  6. mhoye

    Femshep or you’re doing it wrong.