Monthly Archives: March 2012

Finished (Updated…)

UPDATE: Scroll down. But they’re still finished, make no mistake about that. I’ve mentioned in the past that RIM’s fundamental problem is that they’ve been shipping the same goddamn device, over and over again, since at least 2004. But check this out: on the heels of Blackberry’s recent announcements of collapsing financials and a management […]

A Different Kind Of Fear

So, yeah. That happened. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my garage defibrillating myself.

Fear In Its Purest Form

The one thing that makes gives me more of that bone-chilling existential dread than anything else in the world, the thing that makes me question the fundamental physical underpinnings of the universe and fear the answers, is code that stops working as you’re staring at it, at the exact moment you realize that it should […]

The Banality Of Angry

(Updated May 25, 2016, see below.) I asked some people on the intuberwebs about good iOS games for kids, and I was a little surprised to see Angry Birds come up. I’ve played through it; it bothered me quite a bit, and my knee-jerk reaction to the claim that it’s a kids game was scowling […]

This Internet, It Drives By?

Last week I announced a software release to the enterprise mailing list. I promptly get back a one-word reply, mailed directly to me. From: Grant Street Organization: A***** L**** To: Mike Hoye Subject: Re: BeSDS now supports Thunderbird and Thunderbird ESR. Return-Path: grants@**.***.au Unsubscribe Thanks, Grant. This morning, I get: 7:14 -!- Irssi: Starting query […]


A friend I was having a conversation with the other day noted, quite correctly I think, that while Joel Spolsky has said many very silly things in his time, he’s also said about five very true things better than anyone else, so well that much can be forgiven. One of them came up today when […]