April 30, 2012

Lazyweb: Kitchen Design

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Today, I asked the lazyweb: Where do you go for kitchen design ideas?

Good answers include:

  • The Kitchn’s, um, kitchen section. This is a niche in the Apartment Therapy ecosystem as far as I can tell, and it’s kind of neat but you quickly get a sense that their real audience is people who want to escape from suburbia to an apartment, rather than people who want to refinish the one they’re in; if you’re looking for radically rethought anything you’ll need to shop around. Some interesting stuff, I guess, but when I see an article on “small cool kitchens” and almost all of them are twice the size of ours, it’s hard to think that I live in the same country as their target market.
  • Via Adam Mcnamara, Design-Milk, Freshome and Lots of excellent eye candy here, but like most of Adam’s tastes seem to lean heavily towards the BISUNK demographic: Billionaire International Supervillain, No Kids. Very pretty to look at, but largely no.
  • From a few people, Houzz. I’m exploring their iPad app as well; early signs there point to interesting, enough so that it’s the first advertising I’ve clicked on on purpose that I can remember. There’s just too much of it, though – I’ll keep looking, but I really want a better way to drill down into it. Sorting by square footage or rough layout or something would help a ton.
  • Finally, and likewise via a few people, the gold here seems to be a search for “kitchen reno” on Pinterest. This is actually the most interesting and useful of the bunch, just because it’s so uneven. There’s a ton of price, color and layout variety in there that just doesn’t exist in any of previous options. It’s actually nice to get a look at stuff that works on a limited space or dollar budget, or even just doesn’t work at all, when so many kitchen design sites amount to “look at what you can do with kitchen half again the size of your house and a budget of infinity”.

I should really do this sort of summary-of-Lazyweb-answers more often. It seems like a useful way to give back.


  1. I feel like “Pinterest is the most useful site for me aesthetically” is the moment at which you have accepted your life of wearing sweatpants 24/7.

    Comment by Mike Kozlowski — April 30, 2012 @ 10:46 pm

  2. If you have another site handy where you can see a wide variety of successes and (much more importantly, in my opinion) failures on non-astronomical budgets, I’d be happy to see it.

    Places that only tell you about successes achieved with infinite resources are pretty enough, but frankly aren’t all that useful.

    Comment by mhoye — May 1, 2012 @ 7:04 am

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