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Wallace And Gromit: Real

Exhibit 1: From “A Close Shave“, the Knit-O-Matic. Exhibit 2: A Sheep-Shearing Australian Robot. From the description: This robot clipped around 400 fleeces between 1985 and 1993 at the University of Western Australia. The sheep was in its natural state, with no drugs or artificial means of keeping it still. In over 1000 tests with […]


December 23rd: Hi, my name’s Mike Hoye, and I worked until recently for TVOntario. I understand, that as per you are looking for one Janet K. Webb, and with a bit of effort I’ve managed to track her down. Her current mailing address is: Janet K. Webb —-redacted—- —-redacted—- I understand that Mr. Knuth […]

The Litmus Of Nerd Cool

You might not know this list, but since I’m a nerd and I worked at TV Ontario for a while, a more than a few fellow nerds asked me if I could look into it and see what I could do about that name at the bottom. It took some doing, but I’ve found her. […]


I’ll be involved in two of the talks at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium at Seneca this year. I’m giving a presentation on making movies with Ubuntu Studio, the sound and video editor’s variant of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, and I’m organizing a set of Pecha Kucha presentations as well. The cool […]

I Call My Discovery “The Procrastamatic”

If you were looking for a way to completely destroy any work you intended to get done this afternoon (weekend, month…) and spend it lost in wikipedia, I’ve got your starting point right here. Fellow nerds, if you have anything important to do in the next few days, like “eating” or “communicating with loved ones”, […]

Because The Stakes Are So Small

Oh student politics. How I love to watch you flop about, so very noisy but so very, very ineffectual. I have so loved watching you grow up into the modern left wing of politics, dealing with issues that are profoundly important and failing spectacularly to accomplish anything whatsoever. It is so much more important that […]

Ryerson At Night

I’ve Got The Soul Of Wit, And I’m Superbad

To: Team Members Who All (ALL) Dropped The Course Without Telling Me Date: Day Of The Team Presentation Re: Your Contributions To The Presentation Fuck all of you. -mhoye “Grammar has displaced sex as a locus of shame. Discuss.” – Ellen Fremedon

Symposia Robusta

I’m going to give a talk in a few weeks, at Seneca College’s Free Software and Open Source Symposium. I’ve got it on good authority that it’s supposed to be a PG-rated thing, and that I should substitute a measure of decorum in place of my usual frothing lunacy. With that in mind, I plan […]