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The Banality Of Angry

(Updated May 25, 2016, see below.) I asked some people on the intuberwebs about good iOS games for kids, and I was a little surprised to see Angry Birds come up. I’ve played through it; it bothered me quite a bit, and my knee-jerk reaction to the claim that it’s a kids game was scowling […]

It’s Hard To Overstate My Satisfaction

A while back, I sent some email to Valve suggesting they should make a shirt commemorating Portal 2’s “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day”. They did. I love Valve a little bit more all the time. So awesome. (Also, the date given – 08/05/85 – it is… very interesting.)

Shooting Holes In The Story

I don’t think I’m actually done this, so just pretend it’s a late draft. I might try to tighten it up later, but here you go; I hope you’re interested. Yeah, this is still about Portal 2, so bear with me. It’s not like Gears Of War deserves to be dissected like this, you know? […]

It’s The Little Details

I’m really interested in video games as narrative, and the possibilities virtual spaces open up to be examined through the lenses and terminologies of the various schools of literary criticism that are content to call anything that hits them in the eyes a text. There’s a lot of ground in that field to cover, and […]

To My Someday Daughter

Geordie Tate writes: “As you learn more, you’ll understand more, in the same way that a budding engineer might gradually grow to understand a complex blueprint. If your first instinct when you hear the word “feminist” is to say “those man-haters want equality, but they still want me to pay for everything, hurf durf!” then […]

This Is A Triumph

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been grinning like an idiot since noon, so I’ll tell you. I had an idea today, and it seemed like a decent one so I emailed it to Gabe Newell. Sir – My daughter, who is all of two and a half years old, has asked me […]

Global Portaling System

This came to me the other day when a friend of mine was talking about some acquaintances of theirs who’d driven across Africa, including through the Sudan: some people in some places really, really need a GPS that talks to them like the Fact Sphere from Portal 2. “The situation you are in is very […]

Where The Puck Is Going

I alluded to some fictional future tech the other day, specifically ARM-powered Macbook Airs. My reasonings, let me show you them. With OSX 10.6, Apple announced Grand Central Dispatch, a framework for managing multithreaded programs across multiple cores, which they released, surprisingly, under the Apache open-source license. This gives programmers who take advantage of it […]


I’ve just fought my way through the last of Reach, and… Yeah, it’s Halo. At this point I suspect you either own Reach or never will but for whatever it’s worth here’s what I thought. Every now and then you hear people debating whether or not video games are art. Some people adamantly say no, […]

Runny, Jumpy, Stabby

I’ve just wrapped up Assassin’s Creed 2, and my goodness. (There’s some spoilers here, but nothing severe.) If you’d said to me a few months ago, you know Hoye, Parkour seems like a lot of fun, but you know what would make it even better? Stabbing your way through a Templar conspiracy in Renaissance Italy. […]