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Historical Precedent

A while back in Architecture For Loners I wrote a bit about a how in-game architecture can fail a video game’s narrative if you’ve got the right eyes, the right incentives and maybe the right jetpack: The environments, though… if you have the right eyes you can’t help but notice that built-for-a-shooter feeling that pervades […]

On The Perpetual Threat Of Regressive Nonsense In Children’s Literature

We took Arthur’s Science Fair Trouble out of the library for Maya the other day, and let me tell you: I had always suspected that most of what adults tell you is bullshit, but children’s books live at some horrible Venn overlap of Moore and Sturgeon’s respective Laws where 90% of everything is not only […]

“Courage should be rewarded, and negligence punished.”

Two and a half years ago, I mentioned that: 20:05 < mhoye> My dad has a story whose details I can barely remember. 20:05 <@humph> hit me … but I was wrong, it wasn’t Admiral Nelson. It was Chevalier La Vieuville, from Victor Hugo’s “Ninety-Three”, and my brief retelling of it doesn’t do it anything […]

And By Raging I Mean Flailing, And By Light I Mean Relevance

A friend of mine points me to this incredible New York Times article in which publishers lay out the fact that they are fundamentally opposed to public libraries, detailing their struggles as they take up arms against these nefarious institutions promoting such injustices as culture, literacy and the greater public good. Ms. Thomas of Hachette […]

Book Reviews

I’ve read me some books recently, Ready Player One and two of the Last Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, and they could not possibly more different. Ready Player One is a nerdculture bender of a book, about as hard to stop while you’re in the middle of it as it is to love in hindsight; it’s […]

The Eternal Recurrence Of The Same

Oh, god. Via the New York Times: Google has been talking about entering the direct e-book market, through a program it calls Google Editions, for nearly a year. But in early discussions with publishers, Google had proposed giving them a 63 percent cut of the suggested retail price, and allowing consumers to print copies of […]

The Sound Of Inevitability

I was asked, on the subject of e-books, whether I thought that it would be moral for me to download copies of books I already own. So, about that. Legally, I shrug and say “dunno”. The law may or may not be There Yet – I’m no expert in that field, but I suspect that […]

The Singularity Wedge

You may have heard in the past that it is difficult or impossible for science fiction to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change; however, that information is now outdated, and has been superceded. It is now difficult or impossible for animé to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. Thank […]

Advice For The Comic Book Lover

A while ago, I wrote about this, saying that “soon, I will be invincible!” There is now a book in the world called “Soon I Will Be Invincible”, and it is so great. If you have a single comic-book-loving cell in your body, I strongly advise you to pick this book up immediately. It is […]