Galactus or Unicron?

Show your work.

UPDATE: Ian Hurst notes:

“Will Galactus also be voiced by Orson Welles? Cause otherwise there’s really no contest.”

I find this a very compelling argument.

A while ago, I wrote about this, saying that “soon, I will be invincible!”

There is now a book in the world called “Soon I Will Be Invincible”, and it is so great. If you have a single comic-book-loving cell in your body, I strongly advise you to pick this book up immediately. It is simple and beautiful, playing in the space between panels that comics can never touch.

“A brief pause ensues, a twitch moment, like the beginning of a gunfight. It’s always chancy, facing down one of these people. No matter who it is, you’re going to be dealing with the end product of a long, improbable story, of a person so strange and powerful that he or she broke the rules of what is ordinarily possible. Whoever you’re facing is guaranteed to be special – an Olympic wrestler, a radioactive freak, the fated son of somebody. They’re winners. Taking a red arrow or a sea horse or the letter G as their symbol, they sally forth to make your life difficult.”

I am telling you: so great.

So, somewhat inspired by this, I borrowed a level map from here and this picture (and the sun sprite from here) to make this picture.

My home desktop is two adjacent 1680×1050 screens, if you’re wondering about the dimensions.

Incidentally, Super Mario Brothers (the low-fidelity video-game bit at the bottom, there) was released in North America about eighteen months after Bruce McCandless, the fellow in the space suit, went on the MMU-assisted spacewalk photographed there.